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I don't know why I couldn't think of a more funny anime character, but Shin Ah from Akatsuki no Yona kept popping up in my mind for some reason! <3
He is just so cute, that it makes me laugh. All the little things he does for others that make him as a character so funny like shivering to death because he went to catch a fish for someone and also trying to make Yona warm with his hair item/wig (which was so funny and adorable).
He is constantly trying to hide his beautiful eyes from us which makes me laugh especially in this scene were the captain takes off his mask and the first thing he does is cover his face and she tries to pull his hands off his face but it's no use because he won't budge. I know there are other characters that make me laugh but not as hard as he did. Shin Ah makes me laugh so much, therefore I give him the award for "Funniest Anime Character"! Thanks @poojas for this {MM} challenge, it was fun!!! >_<
Shin Ah looks adorable! Shouldn't hide his beautiful face!
this looks pretty hilarious, not gonna lie.