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Bow bun hairstyle has been really popular in the past couple of months but I bet you haven't see this version. Take a closer look at the center, the embellished bow is actually created a braiding technique. Learn the trick to this elegant updo below.
The first thing you need is to fake a sock bun. Pull your hair up in a ponytail then slip on the sock bun band. Then, instead of rolling it into a bun, flip the ponytail inside out to depict a bun. Wrap hair elastic around it as shown on picture #2 (scroll or click the right arrow to view it).
Take a small section from the remaining ponytail and create a simple braid. Then wrap the braid around the bun to cover the hair elastic.
Now, it's time to create the bow shape. Grab a small section of hair from the right and curl it to make the right side of the bow. Pin it to place and repeat on the left side.
For the hair that is left, make a simple braid again. Then roll it into a flower and pin it to place with either a bobby pin or a small hair adornment.
i loved it!
i have to wear my hair up for work everyday and fast and easy elegant ideas are handy! PLEASE, share more of these. thanks
When my hair is longer I'm definitely going to try this. It looks so elegant!
@HairConfetti My hair can't even stay as a bun T.T but very beautiful hairstyle though ^^
@drtoledo2 Will do!
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