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MTV's "Look Different" campaign created a satirical commercial advertisement to demonstrate or reveal the truth about white privilege. It's pretty funny, and maybe kinda frightening at the same time.

"Look Different" campaign focuses on biases and racial inequality.

The commercial actually appeared during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. It's a fake commercial about a business offering professional white advantage services to people of color.
Check out the commercial.
Like you said before, this is really frightening. haha. I think the commercial does a good job at making a point, and getting even white people to think about their privilege.
this is really interesting. Though, I'm not sure how to feel about it. I can see it as a social satire, but when it's being done by white people I think it's almost as though they are trying to capitalize on serious issues and make a joke out of real problems that face POCs everywhere.
Perhaps. I see it as satire, and a brilliant way to showcase issues that happen to POC, in a way that people can easily grasp. I don't really think they are capitalizing on the issue -- but that can be the case. Who knows.