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Messy Ponytail

Forget about putting your hair up in a perfect ponytail. Your ponytail will eventually loosen up and come apart after running for 5 minutes. Even if you try to keep it up with bobby pins and hairspray, it will don't stay in place. So, don't worry too much and go for a messy ponytail.

Bun for Long Hair

Do you have really long hair you want to keep out of your face and back? Grab a headband, a hair clip and a few bobby pins. Then watch the video above and see ChelleDenae80 show you the trick. Tried and true from the runner!

The Run Braid Combo

If you really want that ponytail to look prim and proper, you can keep it together with braids. Start by braiding a piece of your hair in the back. Make a few more as you desire then secure them together. Genius, right? For specific braiding instructions, refer to the video above.