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I came with my family to a summer vacation trip in Budapest. Our hotel was across the street from the Keleti station, a classical railway station building in the style of Victoria station in London and Gare de lyon in Paris. So I went one early morning there to shoot some photos. I thought I will be shooting the building's architecture, and the vintage electric locomotives, this kind of stuff, a glass roof, decorative windows, tracks and wheels and springs and maybe a little commotion. A month later, Keleti station is in the news headlines and I look at my pictures and I see something completely different. Like the refugees family in the right corner of this picture. You can tell that they are refugees from the way they are dressed, a mismatch of donated cloths, and from the baskets that contain whatever was left from their lives.
That makes me so sad. I have always wanted to go to Budapest! I hear its absolutely breath taking
@vinmccarthy, Oh I just loved Budapest. It's a beautiful city. The only downside was that it was too hot to wander around as much as we wanted to.
oh man, this is pretty tragic, but also kind of cool that you were there and had the ability to experience this moment. aside from this, how did you like the trip?