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When you look at Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders you see another old, white dude in a suit. The man could easily be seen on a penny or a political button. He's textbook Presidential candidate. But if you look closer, and really listen to'll see he's one of us.
Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders dropped some knowledge on MSNBC today regarding his campaign. Sanders is kind of a wild-card, in the eyes of the media and everyone else. People have their eyes on Trump and Hillary, but Sanders is the real one to watch. He's a snake in the grass, except this snake isn't full of venom like the others.
Sanders says he's running his campaign for the American people, and not against anyone. Now that may sound like a fool's errand to seasoned political analysts who largely subscribe to the idea of dog-eat-dog campaign debauchery, but I believe it's a good thing.
In the haze of Trump and Clinton, big names with big mouths, a quiet threat emerges in Sanders. I think it's because he talks like a person, not a robot, and isn't actually a national punchline. Senator Bernie Sanders is a renegade of sorts, running a clean campaign so far. He's avoiding personal attacks, smear commercials and is focusing soely on the issues.
Could he become president? Is the American political machine on the verge of a new era where people zero in on what America wants, rather than lining its own pockets?
Sanders seems to think so. In this interview he outlines that he is for the American people, and not against anyone, because in order for the government to work like our forefathers wanted...we've got to work together.
Sanders isn't a venomous predator. He may appear, to hardened politicians, as weak or politically inept. But to me...he's an agent of the people. This is something we haven't had as a president since...well..who the hell knows.
What do you think about Sanders' statements about his campaign? Do you think the can keep up the good attitude, focus on the issues and create a new kind of politician?
I would like to say loud and proud that Bernie is not weak or politically inept. He has served longer and on the platform of equality for longer than I have been alive. When his policies have not been passed it has been because he is one of us and he refuses to yield to big business. Exceptional article though! Main stream news ignores him continuously. Good for you vingle!
YES YEA YES YES YESSSS!!! He is wonderful and once the media finally decides to stop only showing trump and Clinton I hope he will be unstoppable! The fact that he mentions that mental health counseling needs to be affordable is everything because it is ridiculous that it's not and then everyone acts surprised and shocked when something terrible happens. He has my vote !!
He’s a great speaker. I’ll give him that. It was really awesome to see him direct the conversation from degrading Hillary to real issues in his campaign. He talks a big game so I’m really excited to see more of him!
Just another Spend Spend Spend democrat. They estimate the US debt will be 20 TRILLION DOLLARS by the time Obama leaves office. Real fiscal responsibilty their liberals. We cannot afford another 4 more years of liberal spending and to take a page from President Reagans book; Let me just ask you one question. Ask yourself this: Do you feel safer now against radical islamic terrorist threats than tou did 8 years ago with the rise of more terror groups and formation of ISIS? If you do.....them by all means vote for another liberal and watch them spend another 20 trillion dollars. If not.... Iys time for some REAL HOPE AND CHANGE
That's the true mark of a leader in my opinion @shannonl5, the ability to learn from mistakes or misunderstandings and continue to learn through each day. It's remarkable that these common sense notions regarding humanity, tolerance, bi-partisanship and the welfare of the American public are considered a novelty. As someone who constantly sarches for what's left of the American Dream that seems like an indicator that our country has been going in the wrong direction for a long long time.
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