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Yo! What's up?! So I've posted several VIXX cards and I'm super psyched to join my fellow STARLIGHTS in this challenge by @byeolbit. First question was: How did you find VIXX? My answer? Complete coincidence. I'll explain. So, it was...3-4 years ago when I was watching...I think it was either SuJu or BIGBANG, and a music video I had seen before went into my suggested channel. I thought, "Voodoo Doll? What's that? Looks creepy, let's watch it!" I would love to expand upon the story, but it would answer like, 3 questions coming up. So I'll just say that was how I found VIXX and never looked back.
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hahahaha can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Honestly though the title voodoo doll should pull ANYONE in! It's so creepy/creative..