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I've been noticing it a lot recently in music videos, and it hasn't necessarily bothered me, but I need to know I'm not the only noticing this:

Below are five music Kpop videos (plus one new Justin Bieber one because he's the one that reminded me of this weird trend) that use this cool red/blue lighting.

I'm not sure if anyone cares but I find this trend pretty interesting!

Pick your favorites in the comments!

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I really like it though, it's like we're entering a new futuristic era! It's a pretty cool trend :D
Hoya <3
But my favorite is Tough Cookie by Zico (a few shots in the MV have the red/blue light trend going)
@poojas i really appreciate that "Hoya <3" is your comment AHAHAHAHAHAH
@kpopandkimchi I'm sorry...I saw that photo and was at a loss for words lol