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I like this movie. Just got done watching it. So funny and so so sweet. I absolutely loved how Il Soon played to Young Goon's delusions. The boiler room was my favorite scene. Music video: "Strange Love" by Karen O.
I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay (2009)
Rain (Bi) plays Il Soon. Il Soon has a problem with his mom abandoning him, with a side of being ignored and mistreated. He grows to like Young Goon, even helping her thru her delusions of being a Cyborg.
Im Soo Jung plays Young Goon. Who is committed after what people thought was a suicide attempt. She's a young woman who believes she is a Cyborg.
Such a great first kiss scene... I wish... I hope I meet someone, someday who plays to my delusions
@CandaceJordan and @kpopandkimchi It is a sweet movie. The ending was a bit short but that's okay. that's what the imagination is for! ☺
I love this movie too! I was so surprised at how good of an actor rain is and the whole story is so cute!
@kpopandkimchi and @Matokokepa This movie is definitely a quirky, sweet surprise. I'm so glad that they added it to Drama Fever. I watched it on Netflix years ago when I was trying to watch as much as of Rain as possible.