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I was talking to my non K-pop friend, the one I mentioned who thought Jungkook was sexy XD, on Facebook since I had nothing to do and decided to experiment on the "U got no jams" thing, and knowing how silly she is, I thought she'd flip out or something but NO! She gave no freaking reaction but that stupid emoticon -_- (it actually looks awkward if you keep on reading it O_O)
So ashamed. Not sure if I should avoid her in school tomorrow because of this -_- just kidding, I ain't that rude~

But only because she's my friend and you want to know my secrets to diss me or something, it doesn't mean you can stalk my friend and talk to her. I was just lazy to scratch out her name XD typical me

But you can send me a friend request in Facebook if you wish :) You know who I am ^_^
"you got rap mon-ed" new favorite thing to say lol
@poojas Haha! I do that all that time, now matter who you are lol