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So... I got to the school and I got lost a lot.... It took me an hour to find my first class, going back and forth a little. My math class was a snore, I went from pre cal to the most basic level math I can imagine. I kind of wanted to slam my head on the desk. But I do enjoy the teacher, I don't like the people they're very high school mind set. They laugh at the teacher all the time because she has a strong Asian accent (I'm not sure which accent so...) and she's a little over the top. I think she's fun.
Then came skyping with my best friend and eating. We skyped until her phone died, so about three hours except i took some time to get a salad from one of the outside eating places. I sat down outside to eat and a wasp kept bothering me and I eventually had to throw away my food because the wasp landed in it. :/ Good thing I brought a sandwhich!
Then this was literally my face. WHEN TWO GIRLS IN THE LITTLE SITTING AREA I WAS IN STARTED BLASTING BIGBANGS SOBER!!!!!!!!! It was a really awkward conversation with them but we talked about different groups and kdramas. They seemed new to the kpop world. But it was nice to know that this town is so open minded!
Guess who was right about Japanese! After I talked to the kpoppers I walked to Japanese class where a guy was standing outside he introduced himself and we started talking about anime and Japanese and why we are taking it and the a girl jumped into the conversation and then another guy did! I sat next to the first guy once class started and he talked to me about starting a Japanese study group! I'm so happy! I've never had so many people be nice to me in a school environment before! It feels really homely in the Japanese class I like it! I liked my first day!
@hairconfetti Yeah i did. It was a really awkward conversation, they aren't really bias to a group and they're not vips they just like some songs so we didn't really hit it off but that's alright! there might be more kpoppers! and yeah they are! I like it in there.
Nice!!! Did you get to talk to the girls listening to BigBang? And Your Japanese classmates seem really nice! :)