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I nearly forgot about this Challenge until @CheyenneJessee tagged me and thank you @byeolbit for creating this Challenge to get to know more of our wonderful Starlights ^^

Question: How did you find VIXX?

Actually, I do not even remember. I think it happened too fast to realize that I became a Starlight, but I'm aware that Voodoo Doll was the song that got me into VIXX. I'm a very dark person (my persona not skin tone, but I kinda am XD) and loves gore and horror, so watching this got me so pumped about them!
If you want to know approximately how long I've been a Starlight, I do not know LOL! I'm telling you, it went by fast without even knowing. But it could be after I got into EXO which was about Nov. or Dec. of 2013 ^^
LOL i'm glad i'm not the only one who LOVES vixx's darkness! I always joke that I love "darkness and sad things" but seriously my love of vixx might be a reflection of that XD but they have their sunny side, too!! THanks for joining in <3 <3 looking forward to learning more about you and your vixx loveeeee
@KpopGaby hahahaha hey!! I love anything that will make me cry a good cry, so I can support that :) squiggle eyes, squiggle eyebrows....same thing? lol
*I meant eyebrows
@byeolbit Hahaha~ my stories are a reflection of my darkness haha! Like in every story I write, someone has to die. I love to end things with people bawling LOL! But same here ^_^ totally looking forward to everyone's responses to hit you with feels once I get to know you more *squiggles eyes*