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I found Vixx by looking around on YouTube listening to GOT7 and BTS. I looked through the play list to see what other bands were there and read in some lists on a kpop profile idol helper website and saw them there. They were highly praised and ao I dtarted listening to them from then on. Bonus: My first song of them was Error.
@kpopandkimichi @byeolbit @jiggzy19 @ParanormalPanda @B1A4BTS5ever @KpopGaby @Sugajin94 @AgentLeo If I didn't add someone or misspelled your username, I'm sorry!
@CheyenneJessee Awesome XD it really is a song I think I'll love forever, like some of Big Bang's earlier stuff is for me too!
@byeolbit yeah, on and on was the secons song I listened to and it was what got me hooked indefinitely
Error's a cool song to start with!! I feel like that's when a lot of ppl started to pay more attention to them. the first wave was with On & On and then Error was the next big one!!