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I may be a Mets fan, but I live in St. Louis, and I take what I can get when it comes to baseball.

So when a family member was coming through town and invited me to the Cardinals game last night, I snatched the opportunity.
Cardinals tickets are usually out of my price range, but I've been once or twice and the place, Busch Stadium, is just awesome. How could I pass up a chance to go?
Let me make something very clear:

St. Louis is a baseball town.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
I love my city, and my city loves the Cardinals. So, despite my being a Mets fan and my father's swearing that the Cardinals and Mets are bitter enemies due to some 1980's rivalry that I never lived through, the Cards are my adopted team.
Oh yeah, and the Cards were playing the Nationals, so I had even more of a rooting interest.
The Cardinals went down early, but you never counted them out.

They tied it late, and then in the bottom of the ninth, you just kind of knew.

Knew that something special was going to happen. How? Because the Cardinals just do these kinds of things.
In a baseball town, the baseball team is everything - it's in the blood of every St. Louisian, right down to the last drop. And that much willpower - something that the Nationals lack - leads to some crazy things.
Last night was no different.
Brandon Moss was an unlikely hero, but his walk-off three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth left no doubt about it.
Special things happen in St. Louis during baseball season. Year in, year out.
Busch Stadium feels like exactly what it is: a palace. A kingdom. A baseball factory. The home of the best team in baseball, and one of the best teams in sports.
It's as beautiful as any ballpark as I've been to - the deep red brick mirrors the historic architecture of the city as a whole and, despite its undoubtable modernity and shrine-like status, it fits seamlessly into the city's downtown area.
Everyone wears red.

Everyone wears red.

No, you don't get it. Everyone wears red.

It's a ballpark, but it's just not really like most others - it feels extra-true that at Busch Stadium, anything can happen.

Anything can happen, and last night it all did.