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A NYC street artist who goes by the name of "Hansky" (not Banksy) created a mural of Donald Trump as a pile of crap. I think that overly sums the way a lot of people feel about him -- especially the people who he has taken verbal jabs at, you women, immigrants, and like...almost everyone.
Hansky is a punny parodist and an artist. He has created other art pieces that are laughing parodies, including one called "Kanye Asada" and "Lebrawny."
Hansky came up with his name by merging Banky and Tom Hanks. Because he admires the two of them. So hey, that's how he came up with his name.

And so here it is. Trump as a pile of dump.

Go, Hansky!
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He freaking sucks I'm to young to vote by 8 years but I still watch the debates with my grandparents