IM 22 MINUTES LATE BUT IM DOING IT ANYWAY. better late than never :)
1. How did you find VIXX? I can't remember a specific time... But I do kinda remember how. My sister and I write down every single album track list we listen to in a notebook and use a code system to highlight our favorites, title tracks, what have you. Well we were listening to some new group after new group that we didn't know of before, and then we heard about VIXX and how they were getting popular. Well we didn't want to. We had toooo many groups!!! But... Then we just tried. One song. Then two. Then every music video and a day or two later we had listened to every album, watched interviews, dances, stages. Down the rabbit hole. Short answer: YouTube. Lol.
Ill try and be on time tomorrow(today) Thanks @byeolbit for making this great idea happen!
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Wahh thanks for doing this!! LOL it doesn' tmatter if you're late, the schedule is just for fun :) youtube really can just suck you into any group so video then another then another....thank you, youtube hahahahhaa