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Can you wake me up in like 15 minutes?

When people talk to you they often think you're bored or just not listening, but you're just trying to stay awake.

The times you don't get enough sleep are ridiculously hard, like cry in the rain hard.

Work is a struggle, because you can't decide if you want to leave and take a nap in the bathroom or just suffer at your desk.

There is no amount of coffee that can keep you from nodding off.

People are always laughing at you because you fall asleep in strange places.

You hate when something dumb like...going to the bathroom or being really hungry interrupts your rest.

But when you get your beauty rest it's glorious.

And there really is nothing like a good night's sleep.

And despite struggling to stay awake you tend to be a pretty cool person if you're well rested.

So just keep doin' you, and get your rest!

@TessStevens she gets to hang around napping until some hottie slays a dragon for her and then shows up with a kiss. I could think of worse scenarios... ;) Of course I jest lol... But seriously... *grabs the lip balm*
Hahah yeah I have. Those movies are pretty good. @ButterflyBlu Sleeping Beauty is pretty cool anyway ;)
Lol @TessStevens No worries! I've been diagnosed since middle school. I've been dealing for a while. Just call me Sleeping Beauty! Lol. (Omg did you see that in in the Shrek movies?! Yeah. My friends really Loved that. Lol.)
@ButterflyBlu haha omg I'm so sorry to hear that! Sleepy Sleepy. I've got some insomnia issues but sleep is good lol. @allischaaff just rote a really good card about sleep. You should check it out!
You both SUCK @danidee & @Karthikkrazzy1 :P I kid, I kid!! Once asleep, I'm deeeead.
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