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how i found vixx.... oh gawd...well i honestly dont know how it happened.... but for starters i suggest reading this ( as a behind story
if i could take a wild guess it was because of teen top and the teen top shake that went along with miss right basically as a korean harlem shake. anyway im guessing i saw vixx in the related videos and/OR i was curious who the guys in the red suits were. and thus vixx sucked me in.
though i started liking them a year or two after their debut i still watched everything in order...mydol first and their debut and all the diaries and vixx tvs and mvs throughout the year and basically caught up on all things vixx for voodoos release. i wasnt one of the first fans but i feel like i was because i went through that journey that the first starlights did but in a matter of months. and im here to stay.
빅스 사랑해요~♡
@AgentLeo He has an unexplainable charm, that's for sure!! don't worry, he caught me too haha
@byeolbit agreed its a fun song but to be honest i have no ideo how i got sucked into bixx who is currently my bias group lol. i never thought when i got into kpop id fall in love with the guy who is sitting there shaking his hand while everyone else is going crazy
wahhhh <3 <3 I loved this and your card about how you got into kpop. mine was kinda similar, I just fell into it! i LOVE how over it all leo looks in that miss right gif, haha! That's still one of my fave things to dance along to.