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VIXX 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

So technically it's already September 2 where I live... But I didnt want to miss the first question. I'll answer the second question later on today. Here goes!

Day 1 Question: How did you find VIXX?

I actually found VIXX through MTV's BtoB Diaries. I love how we get to see how the 2 groups play together! And it was totally adorable how they were all excited to see each other! But anyways... I fell in love with Ravi as I watched this. It just had to be fate, right? I totally ship Ravi and Ilhoon!! My 2 biases!
Thank you to @KpopGaby because if I hadn't seen your card I would have completely forgotten. And I ALSO want to thank @byeolbit for creating this. I'm beyond excited to learn more about all of the Starlights here! So thank you!
@StephanieDuong Yes! So glad someone sees it for the amazing idea it is!! :-D
@byeolbit Of course! Nice to meet you as well. I'm also not really into BtoB as much anymore, (with the exception of Ilhoon. I will always love him.) But I do have to thank them for getting me into VIXX!
Wahhhh nice to meet you!! <3 thank you for joining in @XergaB20 I'm glad people are excited about VIXX too hahaha I LOVE the mtv diaries with BTOB!!! I'm not super into btob these days, but I am really into their friendship. i love seeing groups really get along & support each other!
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