Part 2 to this edition... Because you guys (@Roxy1903 & @CrystalBlunt) requested it... Here you go: K-pop Puns/Memes: BLOCK B Edition Part. 2 (Don't worry other artist will come)
Let's start with an intro... Hai Thar!!! ;) Because we are all a big K-pop family, we need to greet each other!
Let's start with the derps this time... XD
Then there's BLOCK B judging you hard!
...and we all have those types of friends!
...and those who are always photobombing!
... and these kinds of friendships! ❤
...and all those "WTF" moments!
... and our fandom/fangirl moments!
... and these random things! Hope you guys liked it. I sure did! Credit: Google, Instagram and some were created by me through PicsArt.
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@CrystalBlunt lol ain't that a coincidence
2 years ago·Reply
@MinionPeach17 every time they said BBC I just imagined Block B sitting beside me or walking right in blasting "Her"
2 years ago·Reply
@CrystalBlunt lol... does it feel uncomfortable?
2 years ago·Reply
it was disappointing when I didn't see them @MinionPeach17
2 years ago·Reply