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I completely forgot about posting, college came first, so I will be posting this card and another later on this evening.
I found the good looking stud-muffins, VIXX, through the wonderful world of Interweb, YouTube mainly. I saw this good looking guy and was like O.o o.o o.O "Ooo he's dreamy.." My first video was Hyde, and from there I took a spiral turn right into their videos. Now I am forever trapped into this realm... ☆ *Disclaimer* ♡☆ I don't own the beautiful guy or gif used in the making of this card
@AimeeH I would love to be tagged!!! I don't mind my notifs blowing up for this month :) Also LOL i love that you mentioned I don't own this beautiful guy <3 hahahaha
@AimeeH Don't we all wish we could own them though? Maybe? For at least a minute? Okay not own them that sounds scary but XD
@byeolbit okay! I'll tag you then I wanted to make sure that it was okay with you first! :) Haha yes! unfortunately I do not! 😂 <3 ^~^
@byeolbit I forgot to tag you in the card. Also, brings up the next question, do you want to be tagged in it or not. I don't want to blow up your notifications if you don't want to be tagged dear.
@byeolbit okay maybe borrow for a lifetime. . I hope he never comes to America... Okay I lied he needs to come.. point is, I'd snatch his heart so fast he'd love me! we could be clumsy goofballs together!