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People in college understand 馃槶
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The first class is always the WORST. I'm lucky that I worked at Starbucks through college or else I would've just fallen asleep through all my early morning classes. I'd bring an iced coffee from work to clas!
Morning classes were always such a drag. Especially since I got sick all the time in college. By my senior year I had it down though. My earliest class was at 1:30 pm :D :D :D
Yeah @marichelAlvarez I guess that's not too terrible. One thing I discovered about early morning classes though: nobody takes them! My school registration was always a little cutthroat but early morning classes were basically a guaranteed 'in'. Which was nice. It also meant all my classmates in those courses were really serious about the material (because they showed up lol) instead of just taking the class because it was late in the day