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1. She can totally lift Thor's hammer. She just chooses not to.
2. Her collection of horror movies is both impressive and terrifying.
3. There are safe houses all around the world with her name nowhere on them.
4. She learned sign language after Clint lost his hearing. They still sign when they're alone.
5. Natasha has hundreds of dad jokes lined up and ready.
6. She likes dance. It's not something she does anymore (maybe she never did), but she likes going to the ballet, and when she can (when she's sure no one will hear her), she listens to the music.
7. She takes her coffee black to maintain her reputation, but she's a sucker for sugary nonsense.
8. It's always a little weird when a kid comes up to her full of admiration. It doesn't happen to her as often as Steve and Tony, but it does. She signs the autographs anyway, but she's never quite sure how she feels.
9. Natasha doesn't warm up to people easily. She can fake it, because it's what she was trained to do, but real friendship doesn't come easily to her. She values those friendships though. Once they're made it's almost impossible to break them.
10. She's totally a reddit troll.
I'm tagging all the Black Widow fans ^_^
@loftonc16 @buddyesd @DaniVO @AshleyKramer @Karthikkrazzy1 @ninachan @AngelLee22 @purplem00n23 Do any of you have a backstory or headcanon that you've made up for the character? I know the first one is technically comics canon but it hasn't happened in the movies (yet!) so I figured I could include it.
the children's movie.
because of the movie.
I guess just a couple - her favorite movie is "from Russia, With Love" but not for the reasons everyone else has, and her favorite place in the world to visit is Madagascar.
Aw thanks Hun. I love your cards!! @shannonl5
This honestly made my day. I needed something to take away from school sucking the joy from me. @SierraWilson16
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