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Do you ever wish you were just a teensy bit hotter?

Or maybe you've found that special someone that you really, really want to impress? No matter your gender, this card will help you be your most attractive self.
Of course, there are the basics, like being clean, dressing neatly, and being friendly, but those should go without saying. These tips are the ones you might not have heard before – the ones that science suggests will make you hotter! Read on below.

Smile more (or less).

Research shows that smiling makes women instantly more attractive to men. In fact, happiness was rated as the number one most attractive quality in a girl.
If you're a guy, however, the opposite is true. Women are more sexually attracted to a serious, brooding man, a British study shows. It's the classic "bad boy" effect.

Get scruffy.

When it comes to the age-old facial hair debate, turns out women prefer "heavy stubble." Australian researchers found that women found men most attractive after about 10 days of not shaving.

Wear red lipstick.

Red isn't just an eye-catching color – it's also a great way to get a guy's attention. In a recent study, men spent 7 full seconds looking at a woman's mouth when she was wearing red lipstick, in contrast to less than one second looking at her eyes and her hair. In addition, for women with thin lips, applying lipstick increased their appeal by over 40%.

Play hard to get.

A recent study shows that women spend more time thinking about a guy when she isn't sure if he likes her – and then concludes she must be into him, since she can't get him out of her head. So guys, create a little mystery if you want to get the girl!

Chill out.

Women find laid back guys much more attractive than stressed-out ones. Scientists believe this is because being able to calmly handle a stressful situation equates to having a good genetic makeup.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

I know your mom has been telling you this forever, but seriously – it's true! Eating more fruits and vegetables dramatically improves skin health, giving you rosier cheeks and healthier-looking skin – and that makes you sexier. Just one extra serving a day is enough to reap the benefits!

Brush those buckers!

White, evenly spaced teeth are a big determining factor when it comes to physical attractiveness – especially in women. Naturally white teeth (not the unnatural, brilliant white that comes from bleaching) were found to be the human equivalent of a peacock's tail in a recent study.

Get a dog.

Researchers asked men to approach women on the street to talk to them and try to get their phone number. When a participant had a dog with him, he was 3 times more likely to successfully get a phone number. Isn't that amazing?
And it works for girls, too. Women who asked for bus fare were more likely to be given money when they had a dog with them. People just like people with dogs, I guess!

Know your good side.

Whether you're tantalisingly tilting your head on a date, or trying to look good in pictures, it always helps to know what side you look best from.
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Basic but on-to-the point advice. Be laid-back