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I saw this. In case any of you do not know who he is; he's Ricky Kim, the father of Kim Taeoh, a cute adorable baby on Oh My Baby, a reality show about parents and childrens' daily life. So fans had discovered that aside from the same family name, both Jongin and Taeoh looks alike in terms of their actions and face expressions. Ricky acknowledged this and he even tweeted the fan edits of Jongin and Taeoh together. Seeing this latest tweet from him, perhaps Jongin will be on Oh My Baby soon. I am truly happy if Jongin will appear on the show for real. We all know how much he adores his niece Rahee; so I wonder can he get along with Taeoh well. Hihi.
That big laugh.
Adorable babies! Note that Kim Jongin the puppy lover with pouty lips is totally different from Kim Kai the sexy beast on stage. Lol I used to have this thought that perhaps Jongin is suffering split identity issues back tthen for real. HAHAHA.
Uhh. No comment.
Both Kims, I adore you!
Have a nice day. Here; you all deserve kisses from Taeoh. /smooch/
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hopefully you're referring to taeoh because as much as I love Jongin,,I personally think he can't beat Taeoh. Consider the fact that he's a baby and all babies are cute. Haha
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we need a Kai community!
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@amobigbang Agreed~ ^^
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This is adorable!!!!!!!! That's all I gotta say.
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@KDramaKPop1015 Ikr. Currently I am waiting for the latest ep of oh my baby to be aired since Jongin met Taeoh for real. ^^
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