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Let's face it: black beans are underrated. The latest dietary guidelines recommend we eat at least three cups a week – are you meeting this goal?
A staple of Latin American, Cajun, and Punjabi cuisines, these little guys are hard to miss in the canned goods aisle – and yet, I rarely find myself buying them. Why is that? I guess I just never knew such a humble bean could be so damn good for you! And I don't think I'm the only one. So today I'll be educating you on the health benefits of black beans. Then you'll understand what all this fuss has "bean" about!
(...Please forgive me for my terrible pun.)
Black beans are one of the best foods out there for weight loss.
They're packed with fiber and water, which both make you feel fuller, faster. They're digested slowly, which means they also keep you satisfied longer. These are two key qualities to look for in a good weight loss food. Adding beans to your diet lets you cut calories without feeling deprived.
One cup of cooked beans gives you 12 grams of fiber -- nearly half the recommended daily dose for adult women. It's no wonder they're a great substitute for meat, which contains no fiber at all.
Black beans help defend the body against cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and numerous other diseases because of their high antioxidant content. Antioxidants incapacitate free radicals, the nasty little compounds behind many diseases.
In addition, one cup of black beans contains almost two-thirds of the daily value for folate, which is known to significantly decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.
The American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and American Cancer Society all recommend legumes (including black beans) as a key food group for preventing disease and optimizing health.
Black beans help you fill up without emptying your pocketbook.
In your local supermarket, they go for a fraction of the cost of meat – and they're better for you. They're super easy to cook, especially since, unlike most vegetables, canned is just fine – they take way less time to cook than dry beans, and the nutritional difference between the two is almost imperceptible.
One serving of black beans: ½ cup, cooked
Calories in one serving: 114
Isn't that incredible?
So in conclusion, black beans are anti-inflammatory, an excellent weight loss aid, a power food that'll give you plenty of energy all day long, and pretty much just the most amazing food ever. Eat them!
since black beans are the only legumes I like and needed to add a legume to my veggies and protein, I now eat them pretty much every day but had no idea they were that good for me!
@alywoah I hear that, girl! :D
Beans are basically perfect.
that is an almost daily meal for me and its my current favorite!
not really. I just sautée onions and garlic in some coconut oil(like everything else) and mix in the beans with some garlic powder and sea salt and eat them with crispy fried baby broccoli or eggplant and chicken or lime turkey burger patty from trader joes. they are really delicious!
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