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Hey everyone! A friend of mine sent me this. It looks fairly simple and fun to do with your friends, children, nieces and or nephews.
Ingredients 1 cup salt 2 cups all purpose flour 1 cup luke warm water Acrylic Paint if you want to get colorful Varnish or polyurethane spray to seal the colors.
Directions 1. In a large bowl, mix salt and flour. 2. Gradually stir in the water. Mix well until it forms dough consistency. 3. With your hands form a ball with your dough and kneed it for at least 5 minutes. The longer you kneed your dough the smoother it will be. 4. After you can store it in a air tight container and use it later. 5. You can let your creation air dry or dry in a oven. Bake the dough at 200 F until it is dry. The amount if time needed to bake depends on size and thickness. -Thin and flat estimated 45-60 minutes -Thicker estimated 2-3 hours or more
Side Notes -You can increase the oven temp to 350 F although it can dry faster and brown.