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Hey longboarders!
I've recently been looking into picking up a new board for the quiver, and I've been out of the loop for a while so I'm not sure really what to look at. I'm really looking for a cruiser that isn't too big or heavy. Something good for skating around city streets, that doesn't take up too much space at home or work.
My most recent board (that's pretty wrecked now) was a Bustin Strike, with 180 randalls (I think) and some sector 9 racing formula wheels.
Anybody have any recommendations?
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You you want smaller there's always the landyatchz dinghy or tugboat.
loaded tan tien
@DanielSpazJames dinghy. I'll end up getting one after my dancer whenever I end up getting that.
I have a bustin modela 33 up for trade since you're in the NYC area :)
it's a downhill but cruises just fine. try a sector nine dojo .