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This is a matter of vital importance.

We all know Thor. The guy with the hammer. He likes shawarma and he looks a lot like that Chris Hemsworth guy. Real talk though: Is he just completely invincible?
Let's look at the facts:
Not dead.

Not dead.

Not dead!

Seriously, what is going on here?
At the very least he should have a concussion. Is that not something gods have to deal with? Or do they just inexplicably show up on Earth like Loki did that one time? Is the only problem this guy has to deal with the fact that sometimes he screws up and OTHER people die?
@VinMcCarthy Not to be confused with a shawarmadillo, a rare breed of armadillo who strictly survives on Halal food.
@VinMcCarthy @buddyesd lol so basically he just needs to remember to bring his magic hammer to work everyday and he'll be all right? Lol if I were Thor I'd be doomed I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached to me
@VinMcCarthy I was going to make a Shwarmadjango joke, but I never saw the movie. Womp womp.
@danidee or the shawarmadingo, an indigenous animal to australia that goes around eating babies raised on halal diets.
@buddyesd I know right? and @danidee it was a shawarmadilla
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