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Alright!! It's time to find out who everyone's bias!
My bias is....


Aka Leo, aka Jung Taekwoon, aka the person who makes me ramble about him and makes all my friends cringe because they have to hear me talk about him.


The story of how Taekwoon became my bias will be shared in tomorrow's card about my "secret bias," because, well, it just super relates!
I'll leave it at this: he seemed really, really nice to me, and I swooned and jumped to the Taekwoon bias boat lol.

He's very kind, and actually talkative at fan interactions!

I get really frustrated when I see people talking about him like he's a sad, moody person who doesn't smile! That's 1000000% so not the case! Sure, he's not the cute member like Ken or someone who spends all of his time talking like Hakyeon, but he is paying close attention all the time, and he has things that make him so sweet (like babies and puppies)!
Though he may be quiet, he's always observing the other members and working hard for both VIXX and for fans. Also, he's really talented! His voice is amazing, and he is growing as a composer (as you can see on the LR first mini album!) BASICALLY HE'S JUST REALLY, REALLY GREAT.
Let's keep talking about VIXXXXXXX :)
his voice is asdfghjkl
Leo <3 And I don't understand why people say he's moody/doesn't smile. His simle is the cutest thing EVER and although he's not as hyper as the other members, he still cares alot and works hard and honestly he's like the most adorable person ever with his soft voice😄