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Who is your bias? Ravi ftw... I guess I liked him first since I get attracted mostly to rappers, and when I listen to a new group, I look for rappers first. I also never got into them that much to know all of its members (only know their names, not personalities) , so I just stick with Ravi ( btw, after seeing them live, made it really hard for me to know if Ravi was really my bias lol. I loved all of them)
Alsoooo, his RED hair made me like him even more (*^o^*) ... and I love that he gets a different color every( almost?) comeback. I think I liked his hair first and then noticed he was the rapper. :P
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Like you said, after seeing them live its REALLY hard to keep a bias!!! The cool thing about vixx is I think everyone who has a bias still loves them all, you know? So it's like you have a bias who is only the tiniest bit more precious to you than all the other members who are also insanely precious hahahah
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looool yes Im still not sure if I want Ravi to stay as my bias.. I feel bad for not picking any of the members lol @byeolbit
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Ravi 。^‿^。💗😍, only person that makes me question Ravi is Leo Lol
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