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I am not a photogenic person. I always come out looking super awkward, or too squinty, or like the two halves of my face did not communicate when choosing an expression. Obviously, I need all the help I can get to look good in photos.
Since we live in the age of Facebook, and my friends are kind of camera-happy (sorry guys, it's true), I decided to research some tips to look better in photos. I've tried them out, and let me just say – GAME CHANGER.
You won't regret trying out these easy tips! And best of all, they make you look pretty good in real life, too. :)

1. Line your upper lash line with dark pencil or liquid eyeliner to help define the shape of your eye.

2. Use a slightly sheer foundation to look flawless but not fake.

3. When applying foundation, go all the way back to your ears.

4. Don't highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Use under eye concealer if you want to hide dark spots or appear more awake.

5. Add angles to your face by contouring with a blush brush.

6. Use blush to add dimension to your face.

7. Fill in your brows to help define your face.

8. Wear sheer lip gloss or chapstick for a youthful glow.

9. Practice your smile in the mirror, and pull it out when you need it.

10. Avoid taking photos at midday, when the sun is harsh and directly overhead.

11. Use a white wall as a backdrop to brighten up your face.

12. Curl your eyelashes, then apply two coats of mascara.

13. If you have trouble with blinking, close your eyes, and then open them the second before the photo is taken.

14. Avoid sparkly makeup, as it can come off as oily.

15. Try to joke or giggle with your friends. A natural smile is best!

I feel your pain. one side of my face looks grown up and pretty the other makes me look like a weird 5 yr old.
i knew this
That's good @xDaisyDaysx you must be a photo pro! :D
@2littlelegs hahah. I know, it's crazy how just turning your head can make such a difference!!