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No really. There’s a study and everything, dude. The amount of daily pot smokers on college campuses has passed alcohol drinkers and cigarette smokers.
In a study done by the University of Michigan studying student behavior related to drugs and alcohol, it found some pretty interesting things.
It showed that the proportion of students surveyed who used some type of illicit drug in 2014 rose to 40 percent, up from 34 percent in 2006. Six percent of those questioned said they use marijuana daily, a marked increase from the 3.5 percent that admitted to daily use in 2007.

Are we all surprised or is smoking on campuses become part of the culture?

Also, the study found that more students reported using e-cigarettes and other types of tobacco such as water pipes called hookahs.
It seems college kids are down with the cigarette and up with something, well, a little more natural. (ya know, water and grass)