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I mentioned before that McDonald's was considering all day breakfast, and now we have a date.

October 6th!

From then on, you'll be able to get all day breakfast at your local McDonald's. There are two different menus, though: One market will offer McMuffin sandwiches and the other will offer biscuit sandwiches. Both markets will have platters, sausage burritos and sides. And that means hashbrowns. Lots and lots of hashbrowns. Yes.
Still, I can't help but think the big wigs at McDonald's just aren't getting why they're failing. They're kinda like this cat.
When people go to McDonald's, they want cheap, fast food. They don't want to pay $10 for a meal that will still be subpar to what they can get at Chipotle or even a local diner. They just don't want it.
Stop trying to make "premium" work and embrace more things like this: sticking to what has always made McDonald's, McDonald's! (Fat and grease and not a lot of money).
That cat gif freaks me outtttttt haha. but I mean that’s sort’ve how I feel about having hash browns all day
@nicolejb It was a strange find. There was also one of a hashbrown floating in space, but I went with the confused cat.
Hmmm hashbrowns in space @drwhat. Sound like an excellent idea for McDonalds next mission.
@nicolejb Perhaps it will get them the publicity they need to survive.