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The quote above comes from David Foster Wallace's This Is Water commencement speech. And it's one that really resonates with me.
Throughout my life, I've constantly felt like people have seen me or told me that I was smart or brilliant or intelligent. And I think the quote above completely summarizes why I feel that way. I've grown up never putting any value in my intellect, I just figured I was like everyone else.
But the moment people started telling me I was good at something that involved intellectual activity, I couldn't understand what I was doing to make them think this about me. I constantly felt -- and, actually, still feel -- like a fraud.

This quote is a helpful reminder to not dwell so much on the how people perceive your intelligence because the results never fall in your favor.

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Trippy gif. It took me a while to read this! I’m also a fan of the quote because sometimes I get worried about how people perceive me.