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I mean look at him. Why is watching this pink princess eat so entertaining?
And the food he tries sounds so delicious! Fruit flavored chicken! They say that one of the flavors tastes like they breaded the chicken in crushed froot loops. ^^
Jimin always says that Jin eats well. That is the perfect way to describe it. He is never messy and he never looks awkward when he eats. Lucky... >>
Jimin is my Bangtan bias but the rest of the group is right up there. it's hard to have a bias in the group. xD Jin is such a pretty princess xD
I mean, even look at this fan art! So flippin' cute.
So who is everyone's Bangtan bias?!
I love how his eyes get wide whenever he eats. So cute!! ❤
@Shilolobun I know, and that is another reason why I put him as number four on my top ten K-pop idols I want to meet.
@JessicaChaney and he just turned 18 too ^^ not to much of a difference.
Jungkook, we're pretty close in age, I'm 16 and he's 18
Jin....Kookie is a close second~
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