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The wonderful leader of Big Bang just hosted a solo V livestream as it hit 11pm KST!! It lasted thirty minutes and it was quite funny.
At first he said that he might just sleep for the whole broadcast because he was tired and it was late. But of course our Jiyong is a gentleman and managed to entertain us even though he was tired. He rolled around in his bed, brought in Seungri (the panda ) and played music for us. He even went to his Jacuzzi bathtub and teased us about taking all of his clothes off and going in he eventually just out his feet in ahahah and went back to lying around on his bed.
He kept on saying he lacked things to do during the broadcast and so he told people to leave their phone numbers in the comments and that he would call people here is where the hilarity ensued.
The first person was a 23 year old college student by the name of Kim Yoon Soo (김윤수). When Jiyong called, everyone was surprised. Why? It was a guy!!! He had just come out of the shower and how luck to have Jiyongie call him. After saying hello and his name he asked GD to wait a moment and Jiyong made a 헐 face (like no way). I mean I wouldn't dare ask GD to wait a moment. It turns out he was just trying to record the conversation . Yes a fashion major and GD asked him of he had any talents to show off. He said he could sing Who You and Damn it was pretty good. Jiyong even admitted that it was better than Taeyangs mimicry of him. And so GD hung up and said ok I'll call you later, and the college student said ok I won't sleep so Jiyong laughed and told him to go study.
These next two girls were hilarious. They are crazy. As soon as they found out it was GD one girl said WOW WHASSUP GD and started rambling on about how pretty he looked and that she really liked his sweater. The two girls were hanging out and apparently it got boring so they decided to watch the livestream. Jiyong just said ok we don't need to talk do oh have any talents to show cutting straight to the point They said they could sing a TOP song?? They asked him to count "1, 2, 3, 4" and he did but they missed the beginning because they were talking so they asked him to do it again and he was like.... (his face said WOW I'm an idol how am I getting treated like this in a laughing way) and so her friend started screaming/singing and GD was like ok no and hung up. He said to the livestream viewers these girls have a lot of energy. he then recalled and the girl was like you almost gave me an emotional scar and he was like I got one, that surprised me. GDragon then asked what her name was and she was like hmmm JiYongie (aegyo) and he was like no seriously, then she said not telling Jiyong (안 알아지용) more aegyo and then he was like YAAA and then she started singing What's you name what's your number (the 4minute song) and he was like if you do any more aegyo I might fall for you so stop and she said ok. He then asked how old she was and she said she's an 89er so she's 25/26. He asked if she had been drinking, she said no, so he was like well you should learn how to tone it down, and she was like but I have toned it down, and he was like... maybe more. Then the girl said oppa I'm sorry but I have to read a book so I have to hang up now!! and again he made that 헐 I can't believe it face and hung up
That was basically the whole livestream!!! and then he kissed us goodbye Our cute leader Jiyong
thanks for the English translation. Thank you sooo much.
where can you watch this on? I mean other that the v app?
I watched this. I was fangirling so much. two fans got called. everyone was posting their numbers. even I did
I WAS IN SCHOOL! WHY COULDN'T YOU START AT 3?! WHYYYYYYYY?! You're probably sleeping tho...
@nahivifraga it's on the V app and @amobigbang has a card with the video!!!
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