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I would have to say that Hyunseung is probably the most underrated member of Beast. I might be wrong but... ANYWAYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR CUTE AND FIESTY MEMBER HYUNSEUNG I'll be dedicating cards to him throughout the day!!!! #happyjsday B2ST & B2UTY forever ∀ΔΣ & ∀Σ 영원히
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Happy Birthday!!! He was the member that was almost in Big Bang right?! I'm glad he's in Beast, his parts are actually usually my favorite!
@kpopandkimchi yep!! 😄😄 yay that's awesome!!! he has a lot of high parts but eventually Yoseob managed to sing higher and then there was a phase where Yoseob basically had all of the high parts and choruses but I like the way Junhyung composed the songs this time :) he really managed to make every member shine 😆😆