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It's not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Finding your own personal style. The struggle is real. If you find yourself taking an excessive amount of time putting together the perfect outfit in the morning, than you're in for an intervention or even better -- maybe you should figure out what your signature fall street style is.
Some prefer leather and flannel while others prefer denim and suede. It's always good to mix things up and try new styles, but sometimes you just like what you like. In order to find out your signature fall style, take this quiz and cut down on the time it takes you to pick out the perfect ensemble in the morning.

You're headed out to run some errands for the day. You want to feel comfortable, yet still look semi stylish. What one item do you grab for that bit of style?

[a] your favorite distressed denim jacket
[b] a flannel shirt you got from your local thrift
[c] your grey leather fringe bag
[d] a suede wide brim hat

If you could compare your sense of style to one of the following celebrities. Who would you choose?

[a] Cara Delevingne
[b] Zoe Kravitz
[c] Vanessa Hudgens
[d] Rihanna

What movie title sums up your personal style?

[a] Pretty In Pink
[b] Poetic Justice
[c] Sex And The City
[d] Freaky Friday

What's your go to hairstyle that works for both night and day?

[a] messy blonde tresses
[b] box braids
[c] beach waves
[d] like to switch things up. change is good.
If you chose mainly A's:
Your fall style is definitely casual and comfy. Denim will be your go to item this upcoming season. Whether it's your favorite denim jacket or you feel like rocking denim on denim -- you will be effortlessly stylish while still managing to be as comfortable as possible.
If you chose mainly B's:
Your fall style is a mix of chill and fashionable with a 90's vibe. Flannel is your best friend. Buttoned up or tied around your waist with a pair of sneakers or minimal heels -- you can easily dress your looks up or down.
If you chose mainly C's:
Your fall style is definitely boho chic all the way. Fringe and suede will come to the rescue when you least expect it. Just think of yourself as a stylish hippie.
If you chose mainly D's:
Your fall style is a little bit of everything. You love denim, suede, fringe and leather. Somedays you will prefer to be more stylish while other days you will want to be extremely casual. Switch things up. That always makes your look more exciting.