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GD was live with VIPS today. I'm at my internship and I missed it, but the show must go on. I have some great stuff from different VIP sources. I hope you enjoy the card!
I'm on a lunch break guys. So I'm pumped to make this card for you all. Imma tag some people in this card, please share to fellow VIPS :) @poojas@stevieq @ErinGregory @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @BlueBear07 @PrettieeEmm @celesteyc @SharayahTodd @dreemer13 @oppatouchmybutt @VixenViVi @JazzyPie @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @nightshade @PassTheSuga @ninachan @BlueBear07 @edwey66 @jimberlykemp @B2STANG88 @B2utyrise @B1A4BTS5ever @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @tayunnie SUPER EXCITED TO KNOW GD IS LOOKING MUCH BETTER AND RESTING.
Ji-Yong has gone deep red! I love this look on him. Funny how I was this color and I dyed my hair back black. Great minds think alike lol. These are some photos of GD during the live cast. He's so handsome.
This is an article by allkpop. It's short. Basically, GD talks about being single.


Another photo. This was part of the article.
Oh my! GD I would love to pretend.
Heck I wished I could! I wouldve went nuts amigos!
Here is a small clip of the live cast. SORRY AMIGOS....THIS HAS NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES. I just enjoyed watching him. He's speaking to a famous guest. Do you know who? True kpop fans will know! lol COMMENT YOUR ANSWER BELOW!
This is the follow up schedule. SORRY AGAIN IT'S IN KOREAN. But you can see who's next? Who do you think will be after Taeyang?
Okay. I think this is the whole video. I haven't watched it yet but I know there are no subtitles. However, I found a card by @tayunnie that explains the phone conversations. Click the β˜† to see this card.
I was half asleep when this happened and I just saw him scream at someone on the phone.. I knocked out again after that lol
ahaha as always someone commented to take his clothes off and he was like whutt??!!!! and then when he went to his bath tub said normally I would take all of my clothes off and go in but.. you guys would take photos so I can't have that happening πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is so cool! Thank you for tagging me @amongbigbang ^_^
@CristelaLoz GD would want you to study. Hope class is going well ✌
College is ruining my kpop life.... I couldn't stay up and watch my beautiful GD on V😭😭 too many classes~~~πŸ™€
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