2. Who is your bias? I CANNOT PICK. There is no choosing between Hyuk and Hongbin. I love both of them equally because they are adorable and precious and heart eyes. Originally, I think Ravi caught my attention, but I also really liked Hongbin and Hyuk because they have the least amount of parts and I'm always a sucker for that. And Hyuk was super awkward in early variety and interviews it was adorable. He's gotten SO much better but before it was a little painful. And Hongbin just seems really wonderful (although he has a slight inner douchey JYP vibe, which isn't a bad thing) and he's gorgeous. Also their ship is literally my favorite thing. So I don't have one bias...I have Hyukbin.
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Maknae line together is so fun, how could you seperate them?! hahaha!!! I think the way they team up to have fun is so cute