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Dwight Howard loves social media, but his last run on Twitter may lead to his demise.
Earlier this week the Houston Rockets center started a lively debate discussing the best NBA players of all-time. In the middle of the conversation, a fan asked Howard who he thought was the best left handed player of all time was.

Rather than playing it safe and passing on that one, Dwight said his teammate James Harden was the best left handed player to ever live.

Dwight... Really?
Chris Mullin. Kenny Anderson. David Robinson. All of those guys are better than Harden, but to overlook Bill Russell, 11 TIME NBA CHAMPION and lucky lefty is unreal.
Dwight Howard is a PR reps worst nightmare.
Howard is in a horrible spot with this statement. If he recants and names multiple players that are better than Harden, it will look as if he's disrespecting his teammate. If he lets the comment ride, he will look silly.
Someone brew his PR reps a pot of coffee, they have a long couple days ahead of them.
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hahahaha these players never learn though