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Okay, I feel like this whole court thing is stupid. I'm glad Kris is finally free and doing solo activities back at his hometown. But, what Kris said about being fed unhealthy, I find that hard to believe if some artists are basically going on small-portioned diets. If so, why is he saying it as it's a bad thing?! There are others out there that wish to be eating junk/fast food instead of dieting!
Lastly, of course the whole contract is what's always a concern specifically towards SM. But the lawyers saying how 10 years is long which it is, but I'm sure SM is not the only agency with "illegal" and long contracts. But it makes me wonder if they thoroughly read the contract before signing. He new what he was getting himself into and that's when more competition starts.
And I feel like what Kris and them did was unfair as well. Leaving to "recover" then weeks later, they start doing activities (while still signed in SM) that are equal to when they were in SM. I don't get what goes through their heads and believe or not, I support them. They are doing amazing without EXO and must felt hurt as well since they held onto so many memories together.
For those who I've seen/read their comments saying "you're not a true EXO-L", "stfu and leave them alone". Understand us as well. It wasn't easy for us to take the news probably the same as EXO. They probably cried like us. Got angry and said stuff unconsciously just like us. I've commented before saying my dislikes about them but I never mentioned "hate" cuz that's too cruel and I can't hate someone I grew attached to.

Thanks for those who read and understood my rant and sorry for those who got booty-hurt ^^

True. But not according to them
Those people are pretty fucking stupid. I know people use others, but not to that extreme. SM won't let go of them mostly because they don't want to be dominated and looked as, as a bad company
@MichelleIbarra Well they're already named as the worst for management. Either way, they'll still have trainees
@MichelleIbarra Oh no, I understand perfectly. Like you said, we don't know what goes on behind. But what I forgot to mention (since I was in school when I posted this), he probably was injured/sick but what he, Tao and Luhan did made people believe that they used EXO's popularity for their own. I never thought that, although it might seem that way, but they still did something they weren't supposed to. SM should just let go of them. It'd be weird and awkward to have them back after leaving with no warning (Tao's situation is different in this case).
I didn't get booty hurt, but you know people react differently to a certain situation. Like for me for example, if my swimming teacher told us that we have to run a mile every morning, if not then we get kicked off the team, some will say, "okay let's do this!" while others will say, "But I don't want to run!" or anything like that. I'd be one of those people that will run that mile. While the person next to me might be the one complaining. The fast food thing, they, just like you said, were supposed to know what they were getting themselves into. I don't know in detail of how it happened when Kris left, but if that's what happened, him leaving to recover, then maybe he was really hurt and wanted to d his own thing? Maybe there just wasn't that spark of being in a group any longer. We don't know that, we don't know what happens behind cameras so we're no one to judge. If my comment bothers you, I'm sorry. (ps. I am not trying to be sarcastic so please don't take it the wrong way)