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This weekend Kanye made an amazing speech at the MTV VMA’s which ended with a surprise announcement of his presidential candidacy in 2020.
Many were amazed. Many thought his announcement was a joke. Apparently those who found it funny outweigh those who took him serious, as the meme campaign has run rampant on social media.
One of the standouts that caught my attention is a short Youtube clip from a fan called: Kanye West, the modern day Seinfeld.
The results of the video were hilarious.
The clever fan took standout clips from the 10 minute Kanye West speech and turned it into a Kanye West standup comedy debut. It was a bit odd, as they meshed in dry parts and off facial reactions from people with moments of extreme joy.. but I loved every moment of it.
If you enjoyed the clip above, than do yourself a favor and catch the clip meshed with the theme music from Seinfeld.
The twitter gods made my day with this video for sure.
All the camera pans to Taylor Swift are hilarious.
I feel like if all those laughs actually happened at the awards show, Kanye would come forward and be all: “I am the greatest comedian of all time."