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For parents across the globe, September 1st is a special day, as it is the first day of school for new students.
While many parents are soaking in the day with great pride, J.K. Rowling wanted to shoutout one special parent sending their child off to school that day: Harry Potter.
Last night Rowling hopped on Twitter to deliver some encrypted tweets to die hard Potter fans. The results sent social media into an uproar.
According to a tweet posted by JK Rowling, James, the son of Harry Potter, is set to cross the magical threshold at Platform 9 ¾ this morning before boarding the Hogwarts Express.
Although the famed author is in Edinburgh, she wishes she was at King’s Cross to take part of this occasion.

“I'm in Edinburgh, so could somebody at King's Cross wish James S Potter good luck for me? He's starting at Hogwarts today. #BackToHogwarts”

What does this mean, could we be looking at a new run of books with a storyline ran through James S. Potter?

Why is this lady doing this to us?

My emotions are all over the place after this tweet (apparently I’m not alone on this, as 115,000 people shot he a retweet after that comment). I would love to see a run of books based on James and a new set of characters. Rowling has been fairly quiet as of late, so a string of books could be possible. Was this her way of testing the water to see if fans would bite?
Fellow Potter fans on Vingle, what do you think? Am I reading too deep into this one, or could a new series be on the way? If so, do you think it will be up to the level of the Harry series?
I'm a huge potter fan. love the books and the whole story line... including the actors. I think this would be a great feat for the writer. I would love more potter books and movies. I would love to see where the writer takes us on a brand new magical movement. I would be one of many potter fans to be waiting in line for new books and movies.
I like your positivity @smnthcarter773 :)
wish u luck potter
thankyou @nicolejb
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