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Well Azealia Banks thinks so.

Here's another lesser-known pop star pissed off that the three biggest names in music are criticizing each other. On Tuesday, Banks took to Twitter to let out her frustrations which created a long rant. Basically, Banks thinks Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus are all just basic. They are all creating the same kind of music for the same kind of audience so it's only natural for them to hate on each other.
However it's been a really interesting trek for the three pop stars to begin with. Swift and Minaj got into a huge Twitter war weeks ago when Swift mistakingly felt attacked by some of Minaj's tweets which ultimately led to Swift's white-feminism shield being torn away following with an apology to Minaj. Then Cyrus ripped on Swift noting that she didn't understand the violence thing about tearing down a fellow enemy which was a hint to Swift's "Bad Blood" music video.
However things took a turn for the worse at the VMA's. Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift had an outstanding collaboration reuniting on the VMA stage to silence rumors that there was still a feud. Minaj took to the stage to an accept an award where she ended her speech talking about "this bitch who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press -- Miley, what’s good?". It quickly took Cyrus in shock where she responded back annoyed.


Banks did like Minaj's latest album, "The Pinkprint," mostly "because some of the songs were cute and I link pink and Barbies and girly shit."
When VMA nominations were announced that caused the original Twitter war between Minaj and Swift, Banks spoke out against MTV in disgust. So in reality, this isn't the first time that Banks freaked out over the VMAs and there's probably a lot of reasons as to why she was ultimately upset. All in all, she hates people who are "BASIC".

So what do you think of Bank's comments?

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This just sounds like a mean girl ranting on the internet. It sort’ve just sounds like she’s just jealous...