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Who is my Bias

When I was first new to the fandom, Leo was my bias. He was so shy and so adorable with animals and . Then he would get really excited about singing and has a powerful stage persona ( like a lion) but then he would be a fluffy kitten when he was on variety shows. Yeah, I was a goner.
As I got more in to the fandom though, Hakyeon started growing on me. He is the one that I find most relatable. I like his energy. I can't really articulate why N started becoming my bias. It just happened.
So, who is my bias? Well, I have two: Leo and N. They are each my bias for different reasons, but I love them both and can't choose between them.
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That's awesome :) You totally don't have to choose between them! I have starlight friends who are genuinely ot6 like they just love them all a lot and don't pick one!! Leo and N are both so great so I can see why ><
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@byeolbit Yeah, I can't choose between them 😆 I love them both so much although their personalities are different
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@lamrotamrot Yeah! They really are but I think when you put all of vixx together you get 6 diff personalities that all somehow work together and make you like them all
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@byeolbit You are absolutely right!
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