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I am literally in love with this guy. His name is Mike He and he is a Chinese actor/model. He was born on December 28th 1983 which makes him 31 years old. Honestly he doesn't look it. He made his acting debut with a tv series called 'Seventh Grade' in which he played one of the main characters Xu Liu alongside Ariel Lin. He has also been in dramas such as Devil Beside you where he plays one of the main male leads Ahmon. He has been in 'Love Contract' again with Ariel Lin. He played Liu Jian Dong or Ah Ken. He was also in 2005's tv series 'Express Boy.' He has also been in a series called 'Marry Me' in 2006. He also appeared in 'Why Why Love' with the main actors from Devil Beside You. He has appeared in a few more.... but I reccommend each drama/tv series he's been in. He is a tremendous actor and his looks are amazing too! I love love love Devil Beside You and Why Why Love.