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Sorry it took so long I've been busy but this second one will show my number one DC hero outta all DC Comic Book Heroes.
OK NOW FOR MY DC UNVERSE HERO............ AND IT'S.........
STATIC My boy static also can be known as virgel Hawkins born in Dakota with his dad, mom and sister. Also known to be one of the coolest and smartest heroes of DC comics. He has the power of electricity but if we want to use big terms then electromagnetic phenomena generation lol. Well..... thats what they have it in his bio lol so its ok dont think to much on it. This specific hero was actually made for marvel. The inspiration of this character was from spiderman, a teen boy who gets mutated and later turns into a hero. A lil fact you'll probably like lol.
STATICS/VIRGILS BIO I mean I can literally use the TV version of his bio because there some what similar.... kinda lol Virgil born and raised in Dakota lives with his dad, mom and his older sister. He went to school like any other kid but his was more gangster afiliated. He went to a gang fight hoping to get revenge on a bully who was going to be there with his crew. Later not feeling right he decided to leave but before he could the police were already there shooting tear gas. Not knowing the chemicals were harmful the tear gas being recklessly used caused a chemical mixture in the air with the harmful chemicals within area and in doing so set of what was called the big bang. The birth of meta humans and they were known as bang babies.
In the recent show "young justice" his bio was way off. Him and and a group of kids were actually test subjects of an alien race where they actual gave them super human abilities and wanted to see how they reacted. having the young justice league save all of them most were put into facilities where they were studied and tried to be turned back to normal. Well static and his crew didnt want to be stuck in the facility anymore and decided to bail. I mean it wasn't that bad because young justice was a really good show but I as a static fan wanted to see him more in the show. lol
Before the new DC Comics 52 version he was actually targeted by the big guy, Darkseid himself. Not only that later becomes a member of the teen titans making red robins and kid flashes new costumes which are pretty sick but i can't go into details or you'll be reading this for hours lol
Now for the new movie of static that will be coming out in a few years later I'm excited and then I'm not excited. Im excited that the fact of my favorite DC hero will finally be on the big screen. Im just not excited for who's playing him "jaden smith". Love his father as an actor just don't think he can act at all but that's my opinion. But who knows if he'll actually play static because they announced he will but we all know sometimes they have second thoughts and change at the last second. But if you guys think he'll do good as static let me here your opinions in the comments.
Now thats the end of my favorite heroes part 2. Next one will be towards anime lovers and fans. I'll try and not be late this time so be looking out for part 3 and tell me how I did on this card, still a novice lol till next time.
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yeah I just really want this to be done right @shannonl5
@donovanMoore @SeanKros for sure, I think we all do. And since Static hasn't had any movies before there's almost more pressure. It's not like with Batman were so many people have played the character there's bound to be a version you like
that is very true @shannonl5
I think the script will be the deciding factor for me @DonovanMoore because even great actors can't work with a bad script sometimes. Fantastic Four is a good example. It seems like the actors there worked really hard and they did a great job! But the script just didn't support them it felt to me
that's a good example @shannonl5