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Idris Elba has been in the news as of late in regards to the rumor swirling about his role as James Bond, but few have mentioned his work cemented in stone this year.
Elba recently finished a new movie titled Beasts of No Nation which was purchased by Netflix. During an interview with Variety, Elba shared a bunch of interesting stories about the making of the film, one of which gave details on an incident that nearly took his life.

That’s right, Elba nearly met the grim reaper on set.

Apparently, Elba, who plays an African man who recruits a boy into his army, fell off a cliff while shooting a crucial scene. A ridge broke his fall, otherwise he would’ve fallen 90 feet. My god.
“I remember slipping and catching onto this big branch that was sticking up, and I literally was like, ‘Whoa!’ ” recalls Elba. “It was a moment where I was like, ‘This is the real deal.’ ”
Can you imagine if Elba croaked on set? Curiosity killed the cat, it also nearly snatched the life out of Idris in Africa as well.
Elba is an incredible actor. his role in Luther is dead on. heard they're making it a movie too.
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@marshalledgar I didn't know they were making Luther into a movie, it will be worth the watch for sure. I agree in regards to Elba as well, very talented actor. I really enjoyed his role as Stringer Bell on the show "The Wire."
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Never saw the wire. gotta look into it
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@marshalledgar Ahhh man you havent seen "The Wire?" You have to get to that one, one the best series I have seen in the past decade or so for sure
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I'll definitely check it out. If it's on Netflix, then i'll look at it this weekend
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